Vacuum Pump Repair

stainless steel cone for vacuum pump

Repaired stainless steel clad cone

vacuum pump rotor

Let us Manage Your Vacuum Pump Repair Needs

A top quality rebuilt vacuum pump that will function at optimal standards requires the work of knowledgeable and experienced technicians. A pump that is rebuilt by untrained personnel can cause many problems. A vacuum pump repair or rebuild process doesn’t leave room for error. By design, a vacuum pump changes the atmospheric pressure. When rebuilding a vacuum pump, all welding and machine work must be done correctly in order for the pump to perform within factory specifications.

Vacuum Pump Systems, Inc. is an authorized repair facility for Vooner vacuum pumps and a qualified repair facility for many others.


For those in need of a vacuum pump repair Vacuum Pump Systems, Inc. has been doing vacuum pump repairs for the last 34 years for a broad range of industries. These industries include poultry, sugar, fish, paper, carpet, piping manufacturing, and many others. Our process is as follows. Customer sends us the pump, we disassemble and make a complete assessment of the complete vacuum pump repairs needed. We then send a detailed estimate quote to the customer. (See sample quote) Repairs include a 1 year warranty.



List of repairs included:
-Dismantle time
-Clean/sandblast charge
-Stainless steel clad cones
-Match fit rotor and cones
-Stainless steel rings on rotor (if needed)
-Metalize shaft packing areas
-Repair shaft bearing journals DE & FE
-Heads need repair welding on wash out areas
-Repair welding in housing
-Stainless steel rings in housing (if needed)
-Gasket kit
-Shaft slingers
-Set of bearings
-Assembly repair/labor
-Primer/paint job

We stand firmly behind our repairs and we are glad to help you troubleshoot your pump problems. In addition to the many parts, services, and individual pumps that are available at Vacuum Pump Systems, Inc., we supply complete vacuum pump packages that can fully meet the needs of our customers on a long term basis. 

Don’t hesitate to call us at 770-532-0260 for your repair questions. With our background and years of experience we are confident that we can provide you the repair work that you need to minimize your downtime.

rebuilt vacuum pump before assembly

Rebuilt Pump Before Reassembly

Vacuum Pumps play an incredibly critical role in the processes and manufacturing activities of most industries. Down time from a failed pump can lead to massive financial loss. Companies can minimize their financial loss by having extra new or rebuilt pump as backups while they are awaiting their vacuum pump repair.

In those emergency situations where a part of company’s production comes to a halt because of a faulty vacuum pump system, it’s definitely a lifesaver to have those extra pumps or systems available in your possession.

How likely is a vacuum pump likely to go down? It’s fairly inevitable considering the tremendous hours of use in many industries.

Most vacuum pumps eventually suffer from erosion, cavitation, entrained solids with the liquid ring, chemical attack, or lack of vacuum capacity after long, hard hours of service. So, at Vacuum Pump Systems we can work with you in emergency situations and we can help you plan for the long term in order to safeguard your company from losses incurred when the equipment breaks down.

Our team can provide new and rebuilt pumps or entire systems so you can face a vacuum pump repair with ease and low cost to your company.