Dekker Vmax

The Vmax system offered by Dekker Vacuum Technologies is the result of years of experience in the design, manufacture, operation and application of the oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum system concept.

VMax VFD oil sealed vacuum system

The VmaxVFD oil sealed vacuum systems are liquid ring vacuum pump systems that use oil as the seal liquid. The systems operate with a Variable Frequency Drive which reduces the speed of the vacuum pump when demand for vacuum decreases, resulting in substantial savings

Dekker VMax

The Dekker VMax systems are the result of many years of research and experience in the total design, operation, and applications of these types of systems. – The Dekker VMax system is a top notch industrial vacuum pump systems for the poultry industry as well as many other applications. The dekker Vmax system has a range of features perfect for an industrial environment.

Dekker also offers customized options to fit your individual installation needs.The main advantage of this system is that the use of water – and the corrosion and waste associated with it – has been completely eliminated.

DEKKER’s patented DX-5* and DX-7* air/oil separator virtually eliminates oil carry-over concerns and ensures the cleanest environment. DEKKER’s patented DX-5* and DX-7* air/oil separator virtually eliminates oil carry-over concerns and ensures the cleanest environment. 

The Dekker VMax systems offer the following:

Maximum payback: By eliminating the use of water completely, the Dekker Vmax systems offer you a quick payback when replacing existing water-sealed liquidring vacuum pumps. Add up all the benefits – increased productivity, maximum efficiency, lowest maintenance – and you’ll find Vmax is the best investment you can make in a vacuum pump system.

Maximum productivity: Built for the toughest applications, Vmax liquidring vacuum pump systems are designed to operate continuously under the most difficult conditions, even when saturated vapors or soft particles are present in the inlet gas stream. Unlike rotary vane and rotary screw vacuum pumps, the Vmax system can tolerate accidental carry-over of soft solids without damaging the internal pump parts.

Maximum reliability: Flanged motor mount design is standard for most units up to 20 HP and eliminates coupling misalignment problems by flange mounting to NEMA C-face motors. This important feature prevents damage to the shaft seals and bearings and eliminate downtime for routine alignment and costly repair.

Maximum savings on maintenance: Under normal conditions you only change the seal fluid after 10,000 or more hours of operation. The Vmaxol seal fluid is not used as a lubricant which explains why the change interval is not critical, as is the case with other types of pumps.

Maximum noise reduction: Dekker Vmax systems are exceptionally quiet in operation, which makes these systems more desirable in today’s workplace.

Maximum separator efficiency: Featuring five stages of air/oil separation, DVT’s new exclusive DX-5™ air/oil separator ensures the cleanest environment.

Maximum temperature control: A high efficiency air-cooled heat exchanger together with an optional automatic temperature control valve allows the Vmax system to operate a t ambient temperatures as high as 110°F while at the same time ensuring proper operating temperatures. Vmax systems can operate over the full vacuum range without overheating.

Maximum energy savings: VMax systems are designed to recover maximum heat from the seal fluid, resulting in significant reduction of your energy costs.

Maximum safety: Designed and built to meet or exceed all major industrial safety codes and standards, including UL®, CSA® and CE®. Dekker VMax systems feature a permanently installed drain valve on each separator so that no tools or additional parts are required for routine maintenance. Every Dekker VMax system comes complete with quick-connect fittings that allow you to easily connect service hoses for safe oil changes.

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