If your application requires durability and reliability, the DVT Aquaseal system is the system of choice. Three types of system configurations are offered: once-through (no recovery), partial recovery and full recovery.

Dekker Aquaseal systems can be sealed with a wide variety of seal-fluids, depending on the application. If water usage is a concern, an Aquaseal full recovery package or a Vmax oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump system is available.

A number of different vacuum pump designs have been introduced onto the market in the past years, claiming to be the solution to difficult applications. These include the dry screw pump, the once-through oil-lubricated rotary vane pump and the dry vane pump.

When comparing these types of pumps to the new generation of high-efficiency pumps offered by DVT, the choice is simple.

The liquid ring pumps are more durable and affordable when comparing initial capital investment, maintenance costs plus the simplicity of design. Please check with us about other Dekker Pump systems such as the Dekker Titan, Dekker VMax, and Dekker Duravane.