Dekker Duravane Vacuum Pumps


DuraVane lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps: single-stage pumps with an integrated oil-recirculation system, used in a variety of industries such as vacuum packing, lifting, chucking, paper converting, electronics, printing, biotech, laboratories and hospitals.

DuraVane lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps for saturated air (wet) service are specifically developed for applications with high inlet water vapor content such as stone and glass cutting.

Popular DuraVane Features

• Heavy-duty construction, compact design, small footprint, high-tech vane material provides long vane life, gas ballast valve is standard on most models. DuraVane also has low noise level, low maintenance. Air-cooled design is standard. There is an internally mounted inlet check valve and the high efficiency multi-stage exhaust filter removes 99.9% of exhaust smoke. Duravand also comes ith a dirct drive with a flange mounted motor. Also, and importantly, they are simple to install.