Full repairs on Nash & Vooner Vacuum Pumps.

Vacuum Pump Systems, Inc. has been providing quality new and rebuilt liquid ring pump packages, bare pumps and complete Vacuum transport systems for the past 30 years in the Poultry Industry. 


At Vacuum Pump Systems, we are committed to providing a quality product and serving our customers with quick delivery from our selection of new and rebuilt liquid ring type vacuum pumps.


Industries Include:


bullet Poultry / Food
bullet Power
bullet Sugar
bullet Sand Casting
bullet Plastic / Extrusion
bullet Mining
bullet Carpet
bullet Roofing
bullet Textile
bullet Steel
bullet Chemical
bullet Air Craft
bullet Wood Treatment


Our inventory ranges from 300 cfm to 6000 CFM. both rebuilt Nash and New Vooner vacuum pumps.  Therefore we can offer you many options to fit your vacuum requirements.


We offer:


New Vooner FloGuard Pumps


Rebuilt Nash Vacuum Pumps


Dekker Aqua-Seal 


Dekker Oil-Seal Systems


Dekker Bare Pumps


We also offer:

Accessories Parts
bullet Inlet and Discharge Manifolds
bullet Water Trap Separators/Silencers (Mufflers) VPSS series, interchanges with WSDA series
Click here for dimensions
bullet Dole Flow Restrictors
bullet Vacuum Gauges (0-30")
bullet Gasket Kits (Includes: gaskets, shims, and precut packing)
bullet Bearing Sets
bullet Rotors (new/reconditioned)
bullet Housing (CL-400/CL-700/CL-1000)
bullet Cones (new/reconditioned)
bullet Packing Glands (new)
bullet Shafts (new)
bullet Bearing Caps (new)


We are a flexible supplier!! We can offer you many benefits as follows:

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Straight purchase

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Rebuild of your existing pump (Nash or Vooner)


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We will buy your used pumps


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In-field orifice pump testing

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24-hour Emergency service

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Trouble shoot vacuum systems

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3 years experience in poultry/food industry working with Vacuum systems and processing equipment.

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